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The Arizona Community Tree Council (ACTC) has over 20 years of experience facilitating the planting and care of trees in Arizona. If you are looking to be a part of a growing organization with deep roots in the communities of Arizona, we may be a good fit for your sponsorship. 

Our work, our publications and our members spread across our state into the far reaches of Arizona.  We have a presence and name recognition in thousands of Arizona communities and our work is widely supported by Arizona citizens and businesses alike (who doesn’t love trees?)!

Trees provide everything from pulling pollutants out of our air to storm water mitigation, to lowering energy cost (by reducing heat islands), to alleviating erosion. Your financial support will allow us to reach out into our communities providing education to industry professionals and the general public about how to properly care and plant trees- statewide.  Your support also allows us to put thousands of trees in the ground to offset tree loss due to construction, industry and fire.

With our sponsors and community partners, we have planted over 800,000 trees in Arizona. Our volunteer community is strong and includes people from ALL walks of life and all ages.  Supporting ACTC is a direct level of connection to people who include: home owners, students, small business owners, big business CEOs, green-industry professionals, teachers, cowboys and cowgirls, miners, technology professionals, municipal employees… you get the idea – we ARE Arizona and the people who volunteer with us ARE ALSO Arizona.  Supporting ACTC, supports them as they do the work to add trees to our state.

We also provide the continuing education to hundreds of professional tree workers in Arizona.  These people purchase and use millions of dollars in tree-care equipment, supplies and gear.  Arizona tree professionals appreciate the support of organizations they go to for the supplies they need to care for trees.  We invite our supplier partners to participate in delivering co-branded education events for tree-care professionals.

We have four levels of supporting annual partnership ranging from $1,500 to $10,000. We also create custom packages for sponsors looking to support specific events or programs.  Our sponsors proudly promote their affiliation with ACTC and their investment in our work and we hope your organization will join us as we make Arizona a cooler, cleaner and more beautiful place to live!

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