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I want to log my volunteer hours!

Click the Volunteer Hours Forms to let us know how you have contributed (thanks!) Check this out: did you know that ACTC gets credit toward state funding when people volunteer? This is cool - checkout how it works!

I want to volunteer!

Awesome! Thank you for wanting to volunteer your time to help promote a greener Arizona!

If you are in individual or group you can find opportunities to volunteer under the adjacent section titled Community Tree Planting Volunteer Resources.

If you are professional arborist please contact us.


Join the team planting trees for Arizona and future generations. As the tree grows, it will provide ever more benefits as the decades pass: clean air, clean water, shade, beauty, health, and joy. (And you can be there at the beginning!)


Join people who are putting down roots and taking a step forward in the effort to create healthier, shadier, sustainable, and livable communities.  All ages can be involved in our programs and we will help you coordinate plantings and workshops in your area.

Tree professionals and Certified Arborists help ACTC improve the quality of tree care and planting success.  Join our professional members by volunteering to teach and be onsite at plantings and events.

Talk to people about the benefit of trees.  Help them understand that the right tree in the right location with the right care adds amazing value to our world, our state, our towns, our cities, our neighborhoods and our homes.
Want to raise some funds for ACTC?
Awesome!  Here are some ideas for helping us raise money to support our mission:
  • Hold a rummage sale and donate the proceeds to ACTC.
  • Get your local school involved to share proceeds from a carnival event.
  • Plan a dinner or breakfast with friends or a group and ask everyone to bring all their loose change and donate it to ACTC.
  • Ask the businesses you use to make a tax deductible donation to ACTC.
  • Collect items we can use for our annual conference raffle and donate using our in-kind donation form.
  • Use your own creativity to support fundraising efforts and help us advance the mission to create a healthy and sustainable Arizona!

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