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Tree Programs are community initiatives to recognize amazing trees, support the healing power of planting living trees and replanting areas devastated by fire or neglect.  Tree Programs are sponsored by organizations across Arizona.

Magnificent Trees of Arizona - a program to designate and recognize trees of significance in Arizona.  This program recognizes trees that are the largest of their species (Champion Trees), trees that have cultural significance and a direct connection to people (Heritage Trees), and trees that are proven to have been in their same location before Arizona Statehood (Witness Trees).

In the case of Arizona's Champion Trees, Bigger is Better! Champion Trees are those determined to be the largest of their species in the state and in many cases across the nation. Their height, circumference and spread each contribute to their magnificence as they represent the great state of Arizona and the communities in which they reside in a BIG way!

Great Trees are defined as any individual or group of trees considered to be of local, state or regional significance.  This significance is measured in various ways such as: history, age, extraordinary size, or unusual species.  Although the Great Trees of Arizona is not a protective preservation program, the Arizona Community Tree Council encourages all citizens and communities of Arizona to take an interest in the preservation and promotion of the Great Trees.


To nominate an Arizona tree of distinction, submit the nomination form below.  Trees may be located anywhere within the state boundary of Arizona on public or private land. 

Nomination Form

To see some of Arizona's Magnificent Trees, visit the directory on the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management website at: magnificent trees directory

For more program details, click here.

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