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References for Pest Management for Trees

University of Arizona Extension

Search all UArizona publications:

Plant Selection and Selecting your Plants:

Publication on tree species reaction to three irrigation treatments:

Tree/plant list sites a few . . . .

University of Florida list:

Cal Poly SelectTree list:

Arizona Municipal Water Users Association plant/tree list, good as link can be sent to clients:

Other State Extensions:

California Extension IPM site: Had to throw this in, IPM is important.

California Extension Agricultural and Natural Resources, ANR Bookstore

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for lookup in the field

Publication 3420 Abiotic Disorders or Landscape Plants has site condition tolerances like salinity.

Publication 3359 Biotic Pest problems with lots of images, Biotic Abiotic --ok you need them both

Florida Extension Resources

Dr. Ed Gilman’s site with help on tree selection (and specifications):

Also from Ed Gilmans site:

Tree Selection:

watch his 51 videos:

Other Resources

International Society of Arboriculture

Where to buy Best Management Practice, BMPs, and Standards:

(not extension but has specifications and more copyright free to use! check out )

Help identifying insects:

Come to the monthly (second Thursday 3pm) Extension Tree Talks Zoom or in person.

Zoom Meeting ID: 811 1980 9431 password: ExtTree

submit images to

(not UArizona Extension but check out Bugguide site to post insect images

for identification)

Rebecca Senior University of Arizona

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