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Urban Forest Health Learning Sessions for Municipal Employees

Provided by Arizona State Forestry

Arizona State Forestry is pleased to provide this complimentary, focused education program designed specifically for municipal employees –those that plan and design for trees in a community including: city landscape managers, planners, professional groundskeepers, urban foresters, members of the City Tree Board, other interested professionals and other tree city USA program managers.  

This free three-hour program, hosted by three Arizona Tree City USA communities, is open to all recognized Tree City USA communities in Arizona.

Topics and Agenda details

(1) Insects, Diseases and Abiotic Factors that Affect Trees in the Hot Deserts: Designing and Planning for the Best Results

-This interactive session will address the identification and management of current and potential insect and disease infestations affecting elevations <3,000 ft as well as common abiotic factors that affect trees. This will include best practices for planning decisions and resources available for additional study. Discussion will include insects and diseases documented in Arizona, as well as those “on the horizon” that we may need to watch for. Some insects and diseases covered: bark beetles, palo verde broom, emerald ash borer, Ganoderma, mistletoe, etc. This session will include hands-on examples and Q&A.

(2) Plant Selection and Urban Forest Diversification: Maintaining a Healthy Canopy

-With such a variety of options on the market, how do you select the most suitable species for your project? Within designated management areas and specific community neighborhoods, there are established low-water use plant palettes and recommendations. What do you need to be aware of when considering insect and disease outbreaks and maintaining urban forest canopy health for the long-run? Best practices and tools will be presented that will enable planners and project managers to make good planning and recommendation decisions.

(3) Planning for Non-Native and Invasive Species Management

-Everyone’s heard the horrors of invasive species… so what can you do to turn the horror story into a positive change in your community for future generations? Discussion will include identification and management of current and potential non-native invasive plants. Some plants covered: tree of heaven, buffelgrass, saltcedar, red brome, etc.

(4) Connecting to the Tree City USA and Growth Award Programs

-How can your community planning and vegetation management affect your City’s Tree City USA status? What are the tools and resources within the Tree City USA program that can inform planning efforts and generate buy-in from community stakeholders? How can you market your plans to generate community support? What you do has a direct link to improving the urban forest canopy for future generations, and the Tree City USA program can help you market your activities in a positive light to your City Council and community residents. Tools and resources will be presented, and the audience will contribute suggestions and thoughts for action.

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