Forest Stewardship and Legacy - Program Manager

  • October 30, 2019 7:26 PM
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    The position is responsible for the development and implementation of the Forest Stewardship and Legacy Programs. This position will deliver and supervise foresters within the statewide Forest Stewardship Program, administer the Forest Legacy Program, and provide landowner assistance.

    Implementation consists of development and improvement of Stewardship Strategic Plans as well as the following:

    • Develop a statewide Forest Stewardship Program Strategic Plan
    • Assist private landowners in development of long-term land management plans
    • Develop and implement trainings for landowners, DFFM foresters, and other land managers as needed
    • Apply for funding to support stewardship plan management activities
    • Attend local, regional, and national meetings, workshops and conferences to maintain and enhance program delivery


    • Manage and develop a comprehensive statewide Forest Stewardship and Forest Legacy Program, which includes the creation of a statewide Forest Stewardship Strategic Plan
    • Provide supervision, direction, and technical assistance to DFFM foresters (Full-time, part-time, seasonal, and volunteer) and monitor and report accomplishments to Forestry Programs Administration
    • Assist landowners in the development of long-term land management plans and apply for funding to support forest stewardship plan management activities.
    • Develop and implement trainings for landowners, DFFM foresters, and other land managers as needed
    • Participation, coordination, and development of components related to the State of Arizona - Arizona Management System


    REQUIRED: A Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry or Natural Resource Management (or related).

    PREFERRED: 3-5 years’ experience working in state forestry programs developing land management plans.  At least 1 year in a supervisory role.  Experience using the USDA Forest Service Stewardship Mapping and Reporting Tool (SMART).

    To find further information or to apply please click HERE or go to 

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