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Donate Money

We can always use a bit of extra dinero! Our volunteer leadership makes sure we channel contributions to best and highest purpose for the state of Arizona.  Some of our programs that donations support include: replanting trees in fire devastated areas; planting trees at schools and parks; educating the good people of Arizona on how to select the right tree for their location and care for it so that it will thrive. Good stuff, right!?!

Oh yeah, and all donations are tax deductible. ACTC is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. All of the money we receive through your donation will help us and you can deduct it on your taxes.  This is your opportunity to choose where your money goes!  You donate and we send you a receipt that allows you to deduct this amount on your taxes - not that we need to tell you this but... we are tree people, not tax professionals.  Consult a tax professional about your deductions for contributions to any 501C3.

Donate Time or other in-kind contribution

We love our volunteers and gifters! We are doing important work and would love to have your contribution to our programs.  When you track your contributions through ACTC, we qualify for more state funding - why you ask?  Here is the scoop:

The Arizona state government wants to put your tax dollars where the people value it.  One of the measures they use is the willingness of people to support the initiative with their volunteer time, in-kind contributions and donations.  The more we receive in any of these categories means we can tell the state government of Arizona: "yeah, people dig this work." and that means more state funding which we translate into more trees in the ground and more education about caring for trees.  Awesome!

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