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Conference & Certified Arborist Review



8:15 AM -  10:15 AM     Opening Keynote General Session

Root Development and Management in Urban Landscapes  |   Dr. Edward F. Gilman, University of Florida

Urban forests can become a lasting resource only when trees develop good root architecture. Practices that lead to structurally strong root systems must begin in the nursery, and there is brand new information on how to do this. Roots must be managed appropriately when trees arrive at the planting site and are planted to the landscape. We will also teach how root management in ,the first 25 years after planting, results in a sustainable urban forest that resists storms. You will be surprised at the amount of research and experience arborists have treating roots on established trees. Solutions to tree/sidewalks issues are shown. Take away practices that you can use next week in your profession.

Dr. Edward F. Gilman

Speaker Bio:  Dr. Gilman was on the faculty since 1986 as professor at University of Florida. He received honorary membership in ASLA in 2016. Ed wrote “Illustrated guide to pruning” in its third edition. He received Authors Citation Award in 1999, Educators Award in 2003, research award in 2007, and the Award of Merit (ISAs highest award) in 2016 from the International Society of Arboriculture. He has published more than 120 scientific peer reviewed journal articles on roots, planting, and pruning trees in 35 years in academia and industry. Ed has conducted more than 800 presentations to professional groups throughout his career. He now conducts training, writes specifications, and consults for companies on arboriculture related issues.

10:30 AM -  11:30 AM     Breakout Session: Track 1

Rooting Around Arizona  Juan Barba, Juan J. Barba & Associates

Root Management is not only shortening offending roots but also encouraging root growth - length and density. Root architecture - different development strategies and why it is difficult to direct them. Nursery trees can be grown with root defects - or not - and then, what to do next. Soil oxygen deficiencies and compaction extremes are difficult to improve, but worth the effort. Water and nutrients- is there a better way to apply them or are we in a rut?

Busting some myths and promoting some root BMP's. Can you join me in detesting root sprouts? Can we find a treatment?

Juan Barba

Speaker Bio:  Born and bred in Tucson, Juan began landscaping and moving palms in Florida. After learning to climb Phoenix trees and earning a degree in Environmental and Landscape Horticulture from the UofA, Juan opened his own tree care company whose direction soon became arboricultural consulting. In a desert town with a low canopy forest, he has diversified and is a practicing arborist, a specialist in native trees, provides expert witnessing, and is a horticulture instructor. Unusually diverse, he represents all facets of our industry. Juan is a strong advocate for all tree workers and education for arborists. Juan was lead horticulture instructor at a few schools, and has instructed tree workers, arborists, and landscapers in preparation for certification testing. He founded the Desert Horticulture Seminar, and has assisted, coordinated, and spoken at ISA chapter meetings. Long a Certified Arborist, Juan sat on several ISA committees and is past president of the Western Chapter, ISA. He authored a magazine column for decades and has initiated and assisted University of Arizona tree research. 

12:30 PM -  1:30 PM     Breakout Session: Track 1

Out of Sight, Out of Mind  |  Roger Hartzog, The Theory Green Assets Management

Discussion about the essential role of soils, root systems, and irrigation in the arid Southwest desert environment. Explore challenges facing fiduciaries responsible for managing these resources, when little is known about the underground world, how it operates, and the many stresses that arise from physical, chemical, and climatological forces impacting it. How tree managers can help their clients and trees by bringing attention to these issues.

Roger Hartzog

Speaker Bio:  Roger graduated from the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Agricultural Sciences majoring in ecosystems management. Then attended the environmental engineering program, studying under Dr. Howard T. Odum in Environmental Systems Ecology. He served two tours of duty over 5 years with the U.S. State Department in Central America coordinating natural resources development and environmental protection projects. Returning to the United States, he worked with regional planning agencies and supervised the state-wide Water Quality Management Program for the State of Louisiana. While there, he established a multi-disciplinary environmental investigations and enforcement office for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. He was subsequently appointed by the Arizona Attorney General as Executive Director of a multi-state environmental enforcement organization covering 9 states in the U.S., 4 Canadian Provinces, and 2 Mexican States. Retiring from government service, he became a licensed financial advisor, a real estate broker, and an HOA community manager. Seeing the need for technical-scientific support for proper management of community green infrastructure in the arid Southwest, he co-founded Tree Theory, a green assets management consulting firm in 2017.

1:45 PM -  2:45 PM     Breakout Session: Track 1

Phoenix Metro Urban Forestry Roundtable Update  |  Kayla Killoren, Arizona Sustainability Alliance

The goal of the Phoenix Metropolitan Urban Forestry Roundtable is: Over the next five years, we will work collaboratively to improve tree care and planting in Metro Phoenix in ways that will measurably mitigate urban heat island, improve local air quality, and prioritize environmental and social justice outcomes through municipal and private investment in trees — particularly in vulnerable neighborhoods currently lacking tree canopy.

This presentation will provide an update on the Urban Forestry Roundtable's projects including Cool Corridors, Regional Citizen Forester Program, and HOA's.

Kayla Killoren

Speaker Bio:   Kayla Killoren is the Programs Manager for the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. She runs various projects within AZSA, but primarily works with communities, donors, and other stakeholders to implement tree plantings around the Phoenix Metro Area. Kayla has her Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Johns Hopkins University and moved to Arizona about a year ago from the Midwest. She started volunteering with AZSA immediately by working on a variety of different conservation projects before she found something else she really loved: urban forestry. Kayla has seen Arizona's desert climate urban forestry challenges first hand, along with the subsequent social and economic consequences extreme heat has on vulnerable communities. AZSA has given her the opportunity to pursue her passions of environmental health and social justice, and she couldn't be happier.  

3:00 PM -  4:00 PM     Breakout Session: Track 1

Trees are the Answer!  |  Tom Ellis, Town of Oro Valley

For most of us “tree folk”, Trees are the Answer. They are what keep us rooted. They ground us. We understand that 20-year-old Frank Schmidt & Sons bumper sticker –  Trees are the Answer. Today that quaint saying is true more than ever. We’ll review the reasons it's true and the ways we can help ensure that each planting is successful. Roots, soil, irrigation, and details from a tree planter’s point of view.

Tom Ellis

Speaker Bio:   Tom Ellis is a career horticulturist who has spent most of his life managing large landscapes as a parks and recreation professional. He has served as a city horticulturist, urban forester, park superintendent, and parks and recreation director. Currently, Tom serves as the park superintendent for the Town of Oro Valley. He is a certified arborist, municipal specialist, and tree risk assessment qualified. He’s been certified so long, his certification number only has 3 digits. At the end of the day, Tom is a dirt loving, tree hugging guy. He truly believes that trees can change the world, and he loves any opportunity to talk about them.  


10:30 AM -  11:30 AM     Breakout Session: Track 2

Certified Arborist Review: Session #1  David Mikulak, Natural Beauty Tree Works, LLC  and Dalton Gormey, Serious Landscaping & Grounds Care LLC

Back by popular demand: Certified Arborist Jeopardy! During each session, we will go over the most important aspects of the exam reviewing critical areas using a fun approach called Certified Arborist Jeopardy! Two teams of class participants will battle off as we review all the domains that are on the Certified Arborist exam. This will be a fun and challenging way to prepare for the exam without accruing all the anxiety normal to a standard class setting. Although geared to exam participants, these sessions are for all interested in reviewing and refreshing their Certified Arborist knowledge.

David Mikulak

Speaker Bio:  David Mikulak is a certified arborist and owner of Natural Beauty Tree Works, LLC. He has been performing tree care in Payson Arizona for almost 20 years and currently serves as a board member for the Arizona Community Tree Council as Vice-President. David speaks and facilitates educational workshops on trees, their proper care, and fire safety.

12:30 PM -  1:30 PM     Breakout Session: Track 2

Certified Arborist Review: Session #2  David Mikulak, Natural Beauty Tree Works, LLC  and Dalton Gormey, Serious Landscaping & Grounds Care LLC

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM     Breakout Session: Track 2

Certified Arborist Review: Session #3 |  David Mikulak, Natural Beauty Tree Works, LLC  and Dalton Gormey, Serious Landscaping & Grounds Care LLC 

3:00 PM -  4:00 PM     Breakout Session: Track 2

Certified Arborist Review: Session #4  David Mikulak, Natural Beauty Tree Works, LLC  and Dalton Gormey, Serious Landscaping & Grounds Care LLC 

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